Curious Hero



A place where being curious is encouraged, where taking risks is commonplace, and where failures transform misfits into moguls. Sounds like the life of an entrepreneur! Stories will be told of rags to riches but the most sought after stories are the ones of someone who had just enough courage to start.

This podcast has a mix of business training, digital marketing insights and inspiration heard from the mouths of inspiring entrepreneurs that took the risk on themselves!

Tom Polifka is full of passion for entrepreneurship and online business. His experience operating multiple businesses in different industries while combining the best practices of online marketing have provided Tom a unique skill set.

Each week Tom shares stories of entrepreneurs building their dream business online and encourages listeners to be curious how they can do the same.

In addition to The Curious Hero Podcast Tom is an online business coach to entrepreneurs just getting started and those looking to take their business to the next level.

Stay curious and be your own hero!

Tom Polifka